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Tripp LiteSMX1200XLHG 1000VA 750W UPS International Smart Tower Medical AVR 230V C13

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Product Features

  • Ideal UPS protection for applications in medical patient-care areas where CE/IEC 60601-1 listed medical electrical equipment is required
  • Built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise while maintaining full AC surge suppression in all modes
  • Provides connected equipment with continuous power during short and long duration loss of commercial power
  • Expandable runtime is available with the addition of one or more external battery packs (BP36V15-2U limit 1 or BP36V42-3U multi-pack compatible)
  • Line-interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts and overvoltages from 155 to 274 volts back to usable 230V output levels, without using battery power