Prolimatech PK-3 (PK-3 - 5g)

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Product Specification

Brand : Prolimatech
Model : PK-3
Warranty : 1 year
Part Number : PK-3 - 5g
Amount : 5 Grams

Prolimatech Pk-3 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound - 5 Grams

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Product Features

  • Superb performace, maximizing the heat trasfer between the heatsink and processor.
  • Thermal Conductivity of 11.2 W/m-°C
  • Thermal Impedance of 0.013°C-in2/W
  • Excellent long term stability with low dry-out. High thermal conductivity with low thermal impedance. Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive. No burn-in time required.
  • One 5 gram syringe and easy-to-spread applicator.
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