Cooler Master MGY-NOSG-N07M-R1

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Product Specification

Brand : Cooler Master
Model : MGY-NOSG-N07M-R1
Warranty : 1 year
Part Number : MGY-NOSG-N07M-R1
Amount : 2 Grams

Cooler Master CryoFuze Violet High Performance Thermal Paste, Nanoparticles

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Product Features

  • Violet Tinted Compound: Violet tinted thermal compound utilize nanoparticles developed by thermal engineers for superior composition
  • High Performance: Utilizes nanoparticles for superior heat conductivity for your CPU or GPU.
  • Exceptional Conductivity: Thermal conductivity matching K value cooling requirements of 12.6W/mK handles even the most extreme builds.
  • Anhygroscopic (non-moisture absorbent): Electrically insulated and non-moisture absorbent properties to protect your CPU.
  • Easy Application: Viscously balanced formula allow for easy application and clean up.