Product Specification

Brand : ASUS
Model : P307-TUF-GAMING-M4-AIR
Warranty : 1/4 year
Part Number : P307-TUF-GAMING-M4-AIR
Technical Specification
Tracking Method : Optical
Scroll Type : Scroll Wheel
Wireless : No
Color : Black

ASUS TUF Gaming M4 Air Lightweight Gaming Mouse | 16,000 dpi Sensor, Programmable Buttons, 47g Ultralight Air Shell

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Elevate your expectations and embrace the future of computing with TUF Gaming M4 Air by your side, A lightweight wired gaming mouse with 16,000 dpi sensor, six programmable buttons, ultralight Air Shell, IPX6 water resistance, ASUS Antibacterial Guard, TUF Gaming Paracord, and pure PTFE feet.

Experience the flexible TUF Gaming Paracord cable and pure Teflon (PTFE) mouse feet to reduce friction to ensure a swift and smooth glide. In addition, ASUS Guard protection inhibits bacterial growth and keeps surfaces sanitary. With all these features, TUF Gaming M4 Air takes your game to new heights.

Product Features

  • Crafted with a solid construction, When gripping the mouse, there are no squeaking or creaking sounds from either the side panel or top cover
  • Six tactile and programmable buttons allows you to tailor controls to your style of play
  • Made out of soft and light flexible fiber to minimize snags ensure an effortless glide.
  • Vital circuitry is treated with an IPX6 water resistant protective coating to guard against accidental spills and sweaty palms.
  • Its ultralight air shell is designed for maximum comfort, ensuring a pleasant user experience while weighing only 47g
  • The optical sensor offers sensitivity as high as 16,000 DPI, the on-the-fly DPI button of the mouse allows gamers to cycle through four levels of sensitivity depending on their needs.