Home Keyboard ROCCAT VULCAN 120

Product Specification

Brand : ROCCAT
Model : VULCAN 120
Warranty : 2 years
Part Number : ROC-12-441-BN-AM
Additional Information
Style : Gaming
Backlit : RGB
Wireless : No
Color : Black

ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO, RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Tactile Brown Switch

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Product Features

  • Titan Switch Tactile - Developed by ROCCAT, the Titan Switch Tactile was designed for gamers who desired a swift, precise key stroke that didn’t sacrifice the desirable responsive and crisp mechanical feel
  • AIMO Illumination - AIMO is the living illumination eco-system from ROCCAT; Its functionality grows exponentially based on your computing behavior and the number of AIMO-enabled devices connected
  • Debounced Switch - The switch chatters less during actuation thanks to high quality materials and componentry; This allows the firmware to reliably identify key stroke signals 20% faster than competing keyboards
  • Low Maintenance - The housing of the Titan switches is designed to resist the dust build-up that typically affects keyboards that are used often; Together with the shortened key caps, the Vulcan is easy to clean
  • Pure Performance - Tactile Titan Switch is silent with a noticeable bump; It features an actuation point of 1.8mm for a total travel distance of 3.6mm; Is fast and accurate which makes it well-suited to both gaming and typing
  • Durable Design - An anodized aluminum top plate reinforces the overall structural integrity of the Vulcan, protecting it against standard wear and tear and significantly extending its lifespan