Microsoft 4TQ-00001

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Product Specification

Brand : Microsoft
Model : 4TQ-00001
Warranty : 1 year
Part Number : 4TQ-00001
Additional Information
Style : Ergonomic
Backlit : N/A
Wireless : Yes
Color : Black

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 for Business

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Product Features

  • Keyboard Features: Angle - Designed to put arms, wrists, and hands into a better position and use a more natural handshake posture while typing.
  • Natural Arc - Adds a gentle curve to the key layout to support fingers of different lengths.
  • Palm Rest and Lift - The rest helps prevent wrists from dropping too much while typing and reduces contact pressure while hands rest on it. While the removable palm lift provides reverse tilt to the keyboard which helps wrist extension.
  • Mouse Features: Height & Shape - The baseball-like design creates a neutral, relaxed posture for the wrist.
  • Slant - Provides correct wrist posture to help lower carpal tunnel pressures.
  • Thumb Scoop - Aids in guiding the hand to an ergonomically correct resting position, aligning the wrist and forearm.
  • Rounded Shape - Allows fingers to maintain their relaxed curl.