PowerColor RX 6900 XT Ultimate (AXRX 6900XTU 16GBD6-3DHE/OC)

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Product Specification

Brand : PowerColor
Chipset : Radeon RX 6900 XT
Memory : 16 GB (GDDR6)
Bechmark : 26,180
Max Power Consumption : 300 W
Clock Speed
Clock Speed : 2425 MHz
Base Clock Speed : 1825 MHz
Additional Information
Length : 320 mm
Frame Sync : FreeSync
Cooler Type : 3 x Fan
Interface : PCIe 4.0 x16
Supported API : DirectX: 12, OpenGL: 4.6

PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Ultimate Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6 Memory, Powered by AMD RDNA 2, HDMI 2.1

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PowerColor's new video card is an overclocking graphics card for gamers. Its base speed is 1825 MHz, and its boost speed is 2425 Mhz. This video card has a memory interface of 256 bits. This graphics card has support for FreeSync, which will provide you with a smoother gaming experience.

This product has an enhanced cooling system with eight large fans that will allow you to play games without any noise or fan noise. The cooling system of this model consumes 300 watts of max power consumption. The card has a Black Edition graphics card which delivers better color reproduction and can handle higher brightness settings without reducing screen distortion.

Product Features

  • This graphic model comes with a Radeon RX 6900 XT chipset and PCIe x16 interface.
  • 1825Mhz and 2425Mhz are the base and boost clock speeds, respectively.
  • The cooling system consists of three fans that provide better cooling than with only one fan.
  • This card has a memory interface of 256-bit.
  • It offers performance well above the average standard.
  • The card has a powerful cooling system for stable performance.
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