PowerColor RX 580 (AXRX 580 8GBD5-3DHDV2/OC)

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Product Specification

Brand : PowerColor
Chipset : Radeon RX 580
Memory : 8 GB (GDDR5)
Bechmark : 8,923
Max Power Consumption : 185 W
Clock Speed
Clock Speed : 1350 MHz
Base Clock Speed : 1257 MHz
Additional Information
Length : 255 mm
Frame Sync : FreeSync
SLI : 4-way, 3-Way, & 2-Way CrossFire Capable
Cooler Type : 2 x Fan
Interface : PCIe 3.0 x16
Supported API : DirectX: 12, OpenGL: 4.5

PowerColor AMD Radeon RED DRAGON RX 580 8GB GDDR5 1 x DL DVI-D / 1 x HDMI / 3 x DisplayPort Graphics Card

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The PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon Graphics Card is a high-end video card that ensures smooth and seamless performance while allowing you to play all your favorite games in their highest settings. This card has 8GB of GDDR5 memory and maintains high resolution for an immersive gaming experience.

It has a powerful cooling system for stable performance even during intense gaming sessions. The base clock speed of the graphics card is 1257 Mhz. The base clock speed of a processor is defined as how many cycles the processor can complete in one second.

Product Features

  • Minimum system power requirement by this card is 500W.
  • Its cooling system uses 2 fans to dissipate heat efficiently for maximum performance under extreme pressure.
  • Faster gaming experience allows for quick loading times when starting your favorite games.
  • This GDDR5 memory interface has FreeSync support.
  • The maximum power consumption of this model is 185W.
  • This card has a memory interface of 256-bit.
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