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Product Specification

Brand : ASUS
Chipset : Radeon RX 580
Memory : 4 GB (GDDR5)
Bechmark : 8,923
Max Power Consumption : 185 W
Clock Speed
Clock Speed : 1380 MHz
Base Clock Speed : 1257 MHz
Additional Information
Length : 242 mm
Frame Sync : FreeSync
SLI : 4-way, 3-Way, & 2-Way CrossFire Capable
Cooler Type : 2 x Fan
Interface : PCIe 3.0 x16
Supported API : DirectX: 12, OpenGL: 4.5

ASUS Radeon RX 580 O4G Dual-Fan OC Edition GDDR5 DP HDMI DVI VR Ready AMD Graphics Card

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ASUS Radeon RX 580 is the world's most popular graphics card. It is perfect for gaming and can run most games at max graphical settings with ease, whether 1080p or 4K. The AMD Radeon Vega GPU inside has plenty of power to tackle high-performance virtual reality games.

ASUS is known for making high-performance graphics cards that are great for gaming. Their Radeon RX 580 is the perfect example of that. ASUS Radeon RX 580 boasts the latest architecture from AMD's Polaris GPU, which includes 2304 stream processors.

Product Features

  • For compute-intensive tasks, the GPU uses a clock speed of 1257Mhz.
  • The GPU has been VR ready from day one of release so you can experience virtual reality right out of the box.
  • In an effort to keep the noise down and cooling, ASUS uses a dual fan.
  • It is a fully functional video card and is compatible with all components on the market.
  • This graphic model comes with a Radeon RX 580 chipset and PCIe x16 interface.
  • This graphic card comes with 185W maximum power consumption.