Noctua NF-A6x25

Home Case Cooler Noctua NF-A6x25

Product Specification

Brand : Noctua
Model : NF-A6x25
Warranty : 6 years
Part Number : NF-A6x25
Technical Specification
Airflow : 9.82 to 17.18 CFM
Fan RPM : 1600 to 3000 RPM
Noise Level : 8.19 to 19.3 dBA
Color : Brown

Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin (60mm, Brown)

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Product Features

  • Premium quiet fan, 60x60x25 mm, 12V, 3-pin Molex, 3000/2400/1600 RPM, max. 19.3 dB(A), >150,000 h MTTF
  • Award-winning 60x25mm A-series fan with Flow Acceleration Channels and Advanced Acoustic Optimisation frame for superior quiet cooling performance
  • Ideal replacement for noisy or broken 12V 6cm fans in DVRs, NAS, network and storage devices, 3D printers, etc.
  • 3-pin FLX version provides 3000/2400/1600rpm speed settings via Low-Noise Adaptors to fine-tune the fan for maximum airflow or near-silent operation
  • Includes anti-vibration mounts, fan screws, Low-Noise & Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptors, extension cable and 3:4-pin adaptor for powering the fan directly from the power supply