Nexus SM-8000B

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Product Specification

Brand : Nexus
Model : SM-8000B
Warranty : 2 years
Part Number : SM-8000B
Technical Specification
Tracking Method : Optical
Scroll Type : Scroll Wheel
Wireless : Yes
Color : Black

Nexus SM-8000B Wireless Silent Mouse

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Nowadays we are so used to using the PC and we have become acquainted with track pads, multi-touch displays, etc. that we no longer need the confirmation of a clicking action. You know when you have clicked or double-clicked. You see a graphical reaction of your clicking on the screen and PCs are so fast these days that you practically never have to wait for your PC to respond.

You know when you have clicked or not. So why still hear the clicking sound? Well, it turns out that this is part of switching technology and it is not so easy to remove the physical sound when clicking. We have managed to find a solution. By using some patented switching technology we (finally) have created a soundless/noiseless mouse.

Product Features

  • Effortlessly navigate through documents and web pages with a smooth scrolling wheel with Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology
  • The ultra-compact Nano receiver that stores in mouse and easily plugs in once and can be conveniently forgotten
  • Easily adjust the mouse sensitivity to suit your preference with customizable DPI settings of 1000
  • Personalize your workflow by 5 given programming shortcut buttons for quick access to frequently used functions
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