Logitech MX 510 (931179-0403)

Home Mouse Logitech MX 510

Product Specification

Brand : Logitech
Model : MX 510
Warranty : 1 year
Part Number : 931179-0403
Technical Specification
Tracking Method : Laser
Scroll Type : Scroll Wheel
Wireless : No
Color : Red / Black

Logitech MX 510 Performance Optical Gaming Mouse

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Imagine a device that doesn't just keep pace with your imagination but propels it forward. Our mouse is that catalyst for innovation, designed to inspire creativity, boost productivity, and redefine your digital experience.

This mouse isn't just a peripheral; it's a muse, an extension of your creative spirit. It's the brush to your canvas, the instrument to your symphony, and the key to unlocking a world of possibilities in the digital realm. So, let your creativity soar and watch your productivity reach new heights with our innovative mouse by your side.

Product Features

  • Scroll Wheel tilts for side to side scrolling, clicks to zoom giving you full control over your display
  • Controls MediaLife software and most other media players just with buttons on you mouse
  • Backlit media control buttons with one-touch media player access
  • Ergonomically designed with a comfortable rubber grip and sculpted shape for improved handling
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