NekidCow AX5770-1GBD5-DHC1

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Product Specification

Brand : NekidCow
Chipset : Radeon HD 5770
Memory : 1 GB (GDDR5)
Bechmark : 1,343
Max Power Consumption : 108 W
Clock Speed
Clock Speed : 1100 MHz
Base Clock Speed : 850 MHz
Additional Information
Length : 182 mm
Frame Sync : None
SLI : 2-way CrossFire Capable
Cooler Type : 1 x Fan
Interface : PCIe 2.1 x16
Supported API : DirectX: 11, OpenGL: 4.4


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If you require replacing your old video card with a new one, then we highly recommend that you switch to this PowerColor AX5770-1GBD5-DHC1. It is a fully functional card and comes with a one-gigabyte DDR3 memory. If you are an amateur or professional gamer, this would be the best choice for you since it will help you play the most complicated computer games without encountering any problems.

The power consumption is not higher than its predecessor. It uses up to 108 watts of power when it is in use. The graphics core is based on an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card, which means it has a dedicated DDR3 memory.

Product Features

  • It comes with 1 GB of memory space.
  • The base clock speed of this model is 850Mhz.
  • It comes with an 1100 MHz boost clock speed.
  • The video memory of this model consumes 108 watts of maximum power.
  • It is suitable for almost any configuration where you will need a video card that supports multiple display ports.